Automatic Donut Machines

Our automatic donut machines are the perfect option for clients that require an efficient, high volume donut making system.

Our most popular option, this machine balances commercialised efficiency with detailed customisability. 

Our automatic machines include features such as:

- 1200+ donuts per hour

- Options between 30, 50, 70 and 90mm donut sizes

- Simple & effortless donut customisation

- Completely automatic: set the machine running to your specification, let it do all the work

- Comprehensive training & advice available

All our machines come with a 1 year warranty minimum.

Scroll further down this page to see a breakdown of the differences between each model.

We do also offer financing options for orders over £5,000 (excl. VAT). For more information and a free quotation, please click here.

Our Range

Which Auto?

Our automatic machines are made to your specification. There are 3 automatic models, the main difference between them being the specification of the hopper (what we call the mechanism that pushes the donut batter into the oil, forming the donut's shape & size). 

Our DS1200-50 model creates 3 x 50mm (20g) donuts every 8-18 seconds*

Our DS600-70 model creates 2 x 70mm (30g) donuts every 8-18 seconds*

Our DS600-90 model creates 2 x 90mm (40g) donuts every 8-18 seconds*

*the time between donuts depends on how 'crispy' you'd prefer your donuts to be; a longer time means more crispiness.

All 3 models are the same price, and can be further customised by 2 different parameters:

- Specification: our standard configuration is left-to-right, meaning the donut batter enters the oil on the left & is removed from the oil automatically on the right hand side (from the operator's point of view). We can supply all of our machines with a right-to-left configuration at no extra cost depending on your set-up.

- Motor side: to power the conveyor system that transports your donuts through the oil, a robust & effective motor sits on the side of the machine. Our machines can be supplied with the motor sitting on either side of the machine. The important question to ask is whether your customers are viewing the donut machine during it's cooking process - if so, you will want the motor to sit on the operators side. However, if your machine is located in a kitchen or the back of your donut stand for example, it is more convenient for the motor to be out of the way.

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