Buying your first donut machine can be very daunting. We understand that there is only so much you can see through a screen, which is why we welcome you to come visit us in Reading for a FREE 2 hour consultation on which machine is right for your business.


We will also equip you with the basic understanding of the accessories required to make the best quality donuts possible.

To book in a date & time, please drop us an email at:


We offer extensive training in all things donut production. Typically done over a half day, we will take you through everything we know about making donuts, including covering extensive knowledge we have gathered from our customers on the best ways to utilise the tools, machines & donut mix in creating the tastiest (& most cost-effective) donuts.

The agenda of the training will be chosen by the client to suit their particular set up, but typically includes:


1) The understanding of your objective(s) of the training session and discussing the various solutions

2) Discussing where & when your donuts will sell the most (for mobile set ups)

3) An understanding of donut batter mixtures and how to prepare and store them safely & efficiently

4) Comprehensive & thorough training on how to operate our machines (including set up, operation, cleaning)

5) Discussion of donut decoration and packaging and how this can increase your sales and profit

6) An understanding of the different types of donuts & their usual target markets i.e. ring donuts, ball donuts, different flavoured donuts, yeast donuts, batter donuts, oven donuts, etc.

7) Marketing and Point of Sale issues and solutions

8) Layout of the donut outlet; how to layout your set up for efficiency

9) An outline of the business of donuts e.g. costs of different types of donut operations, prices that you should charge, profit, tax, etc.

10) Keeping your donut machine clean, and how to do it the easy way

Our price for all this is just £400 per person, which typically takes place over half a day to one full day. Our training sessions are private, and we often train parties of just 1. We can also accomodate large groups in our training sessions.


Please note: discounts are available for parties of 4 or more, contact us for details.

Many of our customers feel that they have benefited immensely from our relaxed but focused training programme. If you feel like our training may be right for you, please drop us an email at: