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Cooking Oil Filtration System 15 Litre

A cooking oil filtration system that will save you money replacing expensive frying oil.
Product Brand:   Donut Square
Product Code:   DS0106
Product Condition:   New
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Excellent donuts that are fresh and tasty require good fresh clean frying oil every day. There is only one way to keep your frying oil fresh and clean and that is to fine filter it every day. The Donut Square, Frying Oil Filtration System 15 litre, does exactly that.

Clean fine filtered donut frying oil, filtered every day, will have the following advantages:

  • Seriously better tasting donuts that are free of carbonised donut waste.
  • Reduced frying oil costs because the life of the frying oil is extended by as much as 100%, which will cut your frying oil costs by 50%.    
  • No unsightly pieces of burnt donut waste that have carbonised and fallen to the bottom of the frying oil reservoir.
  • When you clean your donut machine it will be far easier to clean and time saved because of the greatly reduced burnt on donut waste and semi-solid frying oil.
  • Frying oil carbonises and breaks down the frying oil, meaning donuts cooked in poor oil. The more particles in the frying oil the faster the frying oil deteriorates and the sooner it will have to be changed.
  • The donut machine electrical heaters, thermostats, and conveyor will all have an extended life when they are free of unfiltered burnt on frying oil.

The 15 litre frying oil filtration system is perfect for all of Donut Square manual donut machines both gas and electric.

The construction is 100% food grade stainless steel. The filter system filters to 35micron, this is 35/1000 of one millimetre or in inches, 0.001377 of an inch. This very fine filtering will ensure that at the start of every day you are using fresh and clean frying oil. It requires no electricity and is really simple and safe to use.

Unlike other oil filters our system does nor require daily/weekly filter replacements at say £1.50 per filter. Our filter has a guaranteed life of three years filtering. The large area filter has a maximum working temperature 230ºc (446ºf) and only requires a twice a month rinse in Donut Square Cleaning Solution Number 1, to make it as new again.

How to use the Frying Oil Filtration System 15 litre

At the end of the day the hot frying oil (no need to let it cool) is drained from the donut machine, just open the tap on the donut machine, and the oil will flow into the filter system. After about 5 minutes when the frying oil has been filtered the frying oil can be used again immediately or the lid can be placed on top of the filter system and left until the morning when the frying oil can be poured back into the donut fryer fresh, clean, and ready for another day of work.

Conversion Kit

A Conversation Kit is required where your donut machine / donut fryer has an existing tap used to release the frying oil from the donut machine / donut fryer.

The Conversion Kit consists of a stainless steel emptying valve, swivel 90º pipe and safety end. Please note that when frying oil is to be filtered and re-used the hot oil must NOT be in contact with brass / copper materials. This is due to the leaching, into the frying oil, of non food safe metals from brass and copper at higher temperatures.

Please let us know which donut machine machine / donut fryer that you have and we shall quote for the correct Conversion Kit. We can supply side, front, and through table pipe work to suit your application.

For Your Information

Let us know please the cost of liquid frying oil where you are and how many hours / days per week that you use or intend to use your donut machine. We shall calculate for you the pay-back time of our frying oil filtration system.

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