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DS 600-90 Automatic Donut Machine

DS 600-90 Automatic Donut Machine | Doughnut Machine & Doughnut Fryer | Donut Square
DS 600-90 Automatic Donut Machine | Doughnut Machine & Doughnut Fryer | Donut Square DS 600-90 Automatic Donut Machine | Doughnut Machine & Doughnut Fryer | Donut Square DS 600-90 Automatic Donut Machine | Doughnut Machine & Doughnut Fryer | Donut Square DS 600-90 Automatic Donut Machine | Doughnut Machine & Doughnut Fryer | Donut Square
A great automatic donut machine for those of you that want larger doughnuts for your customers.
Product Brand:   Donut Square
Product Code:   DS600-90
Product Condition:   New
Position of the front motor
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The DS600-90 is the perfect donut machine for a busy location or donut factory requiring a maximum of 600 donuts per hour, all day, all night, making the perfect *40 gram - 90 mm donut
The DS600-90 automatic donut making machine represents incredibly good value and is the best built professional automatic donut making machine available anywhere, world-wide.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • The DS600-90 automatic donut making machine has been granted a CE certificate by an independent EU Approved Test Laboratory.
  • The CE testing proves the correctness of the build and safety, particularly important for donut machines. In a word the DS600-90 has passed all of the tests.
  • The DS600-90 is made of 100% stainless steel. There is no painted steel or aluminium used in it's construction, both of which rapidly deteriorate in a hot cooking environment. Metal for metal the DS600-90 is the best in class weighting 61kgs, no other donut machine has these qualities.
  • The frying oil reservoir has a capacity of 20 litres, the minimum requirement for a busy donut operation. Anything less than 20 litres goes too cold too quick when making lots of donuts in busy periods i.e. the heat reserve is just too small, not the case with the DS600-90.
  • The two heaters give plenty of heat to the frying oil. This means a fast start-up and the frying oil is always at the correct temperature of 185ºc. This means a lower use of frying oil and better tastier donuts.
  • There are two strong electric motors, both with gear reduction, each driving different parts of the machine.
  • The two electric motors means that they are more than strong enough for the job enabling the DS600-90 to run, if need be, continuously during a long day / night operation. A more normal operating cycle of say 8 to 10 hours per day is repeated again and again by more than 500 operators throughout the EU, Africa, Middle and Far East, Central Asia, and The America's etc where reliability is paramount to a successful donut business.
  • As standard and at no extra cost the DS600-90 is complete with a stainless steel batter hopper cover and a full size frying oil cover that helps keep the heat in and your electric cost down.
  • Also as standard the DS600-90 is fully insulated on all four sides as well as the base, again reducing your electricity cost.
  • The controls are electronic and include two donut counters so that donut production can be measured against income and raw materials used.
  • The cleaning procedure for the DS600-90 is simple and fast. The chain drive and batter hopper are removed in under five seconds. Cleaning the frying oil is simply, just open the tap and let it flow out for filtration and re-use.  
  • The DS600-90 is guaranteed for a full year. In addition our customers are support via email, Skype, and telephone, long after the guarantee period, in fact for as long as you are in the donut business, guaranteed!
We could go on, but just to say that there are no franchise or licence fees, 100% of the profit is yours.
Important to the above is the use of the correct raw materials e.g. Long Life Donut Mix, toppings, serving trays, etc. We can help you with all that is necessary to produce the, 'best - fresh - hot - tasty donuts in the world' - and with that a really successful donut  business.

  • The "standard" DS600-90 operates from left to right (the donut mix enters on the left side and the donuts are finished on the right side) with the control panel facing of the operator on the left side.
Also available are the following versions;
  • DS600-90 with right to left operation.
  • DS600-90 with left and right operation, but with the front electric motor on the operators side. This version allows the DS600-90 to be very close to a sneeze screen with a clear and unimpeded view improving the "theatrical effect" for the donut buying customers.
  • Different voltages 230/120 and Kw3, Kw4, single and three phase are all available.
A little more information:

The three switches shown in the images are.
  • Turn on / off donut drive.
  • Turn on / off batter depositor.
  • Turn on / off heaters.

•All of the other controls are electronic i.e. speed of the machine, temperature control, cycle time of the donut mix measuring drive, and donut counter reset. We are confident that Donut Square donut machines are the best available and with a price and service that is unbeatable.

Please contact us for a demonstration, additional information, and guidance.

*The DS600-90 can make donuts from 30 grams to 60 grams with a diameter of 90mm. We suggest the best size donut for this machine is 40 grams.

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