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Electric Donut Batter Mixer 12 Litre

A fast and efficient batter mixer for your doughnut operation that will save you lots of time.
Product Brand:   Donut Square
Product Code:   0029
Product Condition:   New
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This 12 litre batter mixer makes from Kg1 to Kg8 of donut batter at one time. The 12 litre stainless steel donut batter mixer is perfect for mixing donut batter that will make excellent, fresh, hot, tasty donuts, of all sizes.

Do you need an electric batter mixer or will hand mixing be alright? When you need more than Kg1 of donut batter at a time, electric is the answer. Yes, but why?


  • Well, making donuts with a batter that is poorly mixed will result in poor quality donuts.
  • When you under mix the batter, not all of the dry ingredients e.g. the flour,  become totally absorbed with the liquid. This means that the finished donuts will have small un-fried dry balls of flour in them that looks bad, and tastes bad.
  • When you over mix (for too long or too high a speed) the donut batter becomes over developed. This means that the inside of your donuts, rather than being soft and yummy, will taste more like bread and be harder inside than a good donut should be.
  • To make the perfect donut batter requires the right mixer with the right speed for the right time and of course the best donut mix available

Here are a few reasons why the 12 litre mixer is an excellent choice:

  • The Donut Square, donut batter mixer 12 litre, is made from 100% stainless steel and is a heavy duty professional mixer made to last for many years of batter mixing.
  • The large 12 litre mixing container means that you will not have any over spill when mixing batter or large amounts of liquids.
  • The simple yet brilliant mixing container is held firmly in place during the mixing period, but is released in a second for pouring.
  • The heavy electric duty motor is geared to reduce the whisk speed to the correct revolutions per minute to make the perfect donut batter.
  • And when you are done the 12 litre batter mixer being 100% stainless steel and with only two components to clean, the job will be finished in a couple on minutes.
  • When mixing donut batter and liquids our 12 litre mixer is the best solution for most donut operations.
  • The optional stainless steel lid for the 12 litre mixer is perfect for when you wish to move or store the donut batter. Click here for price and details...

How much donut batter to make at one time?

Using Donut Square LongLife Donut Mix (LLDM) the 12 litre batter mixer makes from Kg1 to Kg6 per mix. After mixing just pour the ready to use donut batter direct into the hopper or into the Donut Square Kg2 batter containers for easy use that day or later.

The 12 litre batter mixer is perfect for the donut operator making between 400 and 800 DS1200 or 200 to 400 DS600 donuts per day. These numbers depend on the type donut operation so please ask us for advice.

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