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Industrial Cleaning Protection

When using Number One Cleaning Agent and other strong cleaning agents we strongly recommend the use of a Cleaning Protection Kit.
Product Brand:   Donut Square
Product Code:   51
Product Condition:   New
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This Donut Square Cleaning Protection Kit consists of:

  • Safety goggles that can be worn with and without regular glasses, Easy and comfortable to use and will safe guards your eyes against splashes of strong cleaning agents.
  • Extra long rubber gloves that can be worn with and without long clothing sleeves. Easy and comfortable to use and will safe guards your hands and arms against hot water at 60ºc and immersion in strong cleaning agents.
  • An extra long rubber apron that will fit all sizes. Easy and comfortable to use and will safe guard you, from neck to toes, against hot water and strong cleaning agents.

Keeping your donut operation clean and sparkling is one of the keys to a successful donut business.

  • Heath and Safety will give you the thumbs up.
  • Potential customers are more likely to become actual and repeat customers.
  • A clean donut machine and other your donut making equipment will last longer.
  • Your donuts will taste even better for being fried in a clean donut machine.
  • Lots of reasons to get clean and stay clean.


Get dressed up and start using our Number One and Number Two Cleaning Agents.

Number One will cleaning your donut machine no matter how much frying oil is burnt onto it, guaranteed. The really clever part is that the moving parts are cleaned in the fryer (chain etc) at the same time as the fryer itself. Just add water, some Number One, follow the instructions and very soon your donut machine will be as clean as it was when it was new. No steel wool or other scratch making materials, and just the gentle use of one of the Donut Square brushes, for stubborn bits.

The dressing up part refers to the protective clothes that we recommend that you use when using Number One. As with all cleaning agents there is a responsibility to your employees and yourself to keep safe and do things right.

Number Two keeps clean the exterior parts of your donut machine plus the working area. Harden stuck on frying oil is simply wiped off leaving everything clean and sparkling.

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