Oil Filtration

Your oil is the most important part of creating tasty, fresh donuts. Having clean oil is imperative if you want to have a safe donut operation - and it makes cleaning your machines much easier.

This is why we have created our oil filtration systems. Unlike conventional oil filter systems, Donut Square systems last over 3 years without needing replacing (guaranteed). This can save you upwards of £200 a year on weekly/daily replacement filters, and they even work when the oil is at its maximum frying temperature.

We have 2 different options depending on the size of your donut operation:

Fume Filtration

Naturally, hot frying oil & donut machinery produce small amounts of fumes that pose a risk especially to those with breathing difficulties. Generally, if there is enough natural ventilation (such as being outside or in a professional kitchen) there is no need to think about fume filtration - but in certain environments, it is important to filter your fumes for safety (such as in a closed shopping centre).

Our specially designed fume filtration system is the perfect option for anyone needing to upgrade their set up to account for fume filtration: