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Organic Flour Donut Mix (UK and export) Kg 25 bag

Our most popular product and the key to a successful donut operation.
Product Brand:   Donut Square
Product Code:   DS0159
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We have been asked many times by our customers and we have responded. Organic products are ever growing in popularity and so we felt it is right time to introduce a donut mixture that is made with highest quality organic flour. 

The world's only Long Life Donut Mix that makes the freshest and tastiest of donuts now comes with organic flour. We already use ingredients that appear only in nature, that are full of goodness and taste. Donuts made with our organic flour donut mix are crispy on the outside with a yummy soft texture on the inside, and dry to hold.

We think that Organic Flour Donut Mix is even better option for those of you are seeking to satisfy the growing demand for organic products

The advantages of Organic Flour Donut Mix are still the same as with the regular LongLife Donut Mix:

  • Mix Today - Use Tomorrow. Mix when you have the time and use when time is short and the queue is getting long. LONGLIFE Donut Mix means you can mix today and use next week or next month.

Save Time - Sale More - More Profit

  • Long Life before the Hopper - Long Life in the Hopper. Organic Flour Donut Mix has a minimum life of one year from manufacture. This means that no matter where you are in the world or how much you order you can be sure that when you use it your Organic Flour Donut Mix will still make perfect donuts.Once in the hopper  Organic Flour LONGLIFE Donut Mix will last all day so even if the queue goes off your Organic Flour LONGLIFE Donut Mix will not!

Less Waste - More Profit

  • Mix One Time - Not Many. With Organic Flour LONGLIFE Donut Mix you can make one large batch (Kg5 to Kg50) with just one clean up - better than many small batches, with customers waiting, and many clean ups.

Less Time Mixing - More Convenience - More Sales

  • Organic Flour LONGLIFE Donut Mix is a 100% natural donut mix, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no preservatives, no trans fats, just 100% natural.

100% Natural - The Best Fresh Hot Tasting Donuts in the World

  • Organic Flour LONGLIFE Donut Mix has been developed especially by Donut Square. Just put Organic Flour LONGLIFE Donut Mix into the hopper, set the controls, press the button, and perfect donuts every time all the time. Use as a regular donut mix if the advantages of LONGLIFE Donut Mix are not required.

Simple - Fresh Hot Tasty Donuts - Everytime

  • Organic Flour LONGLIFE Donut Mix can be used with all types of donut machines automatic, manual, gas and electric.

The Best Donuts in the World with any Donut Machine

For the reader that has yet to make their first donut batter it may be interesting to know how regular donut batter is made. Regular donut batter has a short life and so has to be made just before you use it. How much time before will depend, but normally a maximum of 2 hours after which it becomes exhausted (the word is "gassed off") and the donuts made with it will sink in the frying oil, or be flat and misshapen.

The manufactures of regular donut mix normally suggest a wait of 10 minutes after you have made the donut batter (to let it begin to work) and then to use it within one hour. Regular donut mix has a maximum shelf life of six months, this means that by the time you get it the shelf life can be reduced to perhaps just a couple of months.

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