A bain marie with four stainless steel containers and body making it perfect for preparing more than one topping creme.


When you need to have four or more different Topping Creme's at the same time, this is the equipment to have.
This bain marie with it's four stainless steel containers and body, in which water is heated, allows you to achieve the correct temperatures for your Topping Creme.

The generous dimensions of the container top's allows you to hand enrobe your donuts with ease. Each container has it's own stainless steel lid allowing safe and hygienic storage.

Simply plug the unit into a standard 230 volt electric socket and you are ready to start. After use the bain marie containers and lids can be cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher.

The above bain marie complete unit consists of: One stainless steel bain marie body with tap, four stainless steel 1/4 size gastronome pans, four stainless steel lids, and one spacer bar.

The Bain Marie Four Sections can also be supplied with six, and nine sections i.e. with six or nine containers. Please note that hand enrobing with the nine section bain marie, due to the smaller size of the containers, is not as easy as with the larger size four and six container bain marie. Please email us at info@donutsquare.com to get a price for the six and nine container bain marie.

Bain Marie Four Section

SKU: DD0009