This incredibly powerful & effective cleaning solution will effortlessly remove all burnt-on frying oil from all types of donut machines, no matter how dirty they are - this is the Donut Square guarantee.

Donut Square Cleaning Solution Number 1 is the best donut machine cleaning solution worldwide.

Here are a few reasons why:

The advantages of Cleaning Solution Number 1 are:

  • This is a highly concentrated and very powerful remover / cleaner of burnt on frying oil, made especially by Donut Square for donut operations.
  • It is so concentrated that 10 litres (one order) of Cleaning Solution Number 1 is powerful enough to clean our largest machine 50 times!
  • Cleaning Solution Number One works by first dissolving all of the burnt on frying oil and then gathering the burnt waste together so that it can be rinsed away leaving your donut machine sparklingly clean.
  • This incredible cleaner leaves the most heavily used donut machine sparkling and looking like new!
  • Cleaning Solution Number One is so strong that no brushing or rubbing with an abrasive material is necessary. The burnt on frying oil will just float off!
  • To use Cleaning Solution Number One you only have to release the frying oil, fill with water, add Cleaning Solution Number One, according to the instructions, and then heat the water / solution mixture. When the burnt on frying oil has disappeared, empty and rinse. It's that simple and your machine will look as new.

A clean donut machine has many advantages:

  • A sparkling clean donut machine assures your customers that you are giving a first class service.
  • A clean donut machine will smell good, look good and the donuts will taste better.
  • A clean donut machine will be safer and work better because it will have no layers of burnt on frying oil on the working surfaces.
  • The moving parts will be free to move as designed and the temperature control will be more accurate.
  • The working life of your donut machine will be extended.

A Clean Donut Operation = More Cu