This cleaning solution will clean and sanitise all areas of your donut operation with ease and assurance.
It is an effective general use detergent sanitiser, used to clean & sanitise most food processing equipment & surfaces, including donut machines & workspaces.

Here are a few reasons why it is so popular:

  • This is a highly concentrated and very powerful cleaner / sanitiser made especially by Donut Square for donut operations.
  • It is so concentrated that 10 litres of Cleaning Solution Number Two will make 1,000 litres of diluted cleaning solution. This is enough cleaning solution to clean and sanitise your donut making area 100's of times!
  • Cleaning Solution Number Two works by first dissolving all of the splashed frying oil / sprinkling sugar / liquid toppings etc so that when wiped away it will leave your donut making area sparklingly clean and sanitised.
  • This almost magical cleaner works equally well on all stainless steel surfaces as well as on non metal surfaces leaving everything sparkling and looking like new!
  • Cleaning Solution Number Two is strong, no brushing or rubbing with an abrasive material is necessary when removing lightly burnt on frying oil or other difficult stains.
  • To use Cleaning Solution Number Two you dilute according to the instructions, and wipe with a cloth the areas to be cleaned.

A clean donut machine has many advantages:

  • A sparkling clean donut machine assures your customers that you care and are giving a first class service.
  • A clean donut machine and serving area will smell good and look good.

Please note that Donut Square Cleaning Solution Number 2 is for cleaning and sanitising the donut making area and exterior of the donut machine. For the deep cleaning and removal of burnt on frying oil in a donut machine please use Cleaning Solution Number 1.

Cleaning Solution Number 2 (2 x 5L)

SKU: DS0098