This 50 litre frying oil filtration system is perfect for any of our Donut Square donut machines - specifically designed for our automatic machines (and for donut operations with multiple manual/semi-automatic machines).


This system was designed with mobile donut operations in mind; it is the perfect way to transport oil from A-to-B safely & efficiently - and with our custom pipework (available on our website) you can move the oil from your machine direct into the filtration system without having your hands near - no need to wait for the oil to cool down.

The construction is 100% food-grade stainless steel. The filter system filters all the way down to 35 micron - or 3 hundredths of one millimeter. This incredibly fine filtering will ensure that you are using fresh and clean frying oil at all times, keeping your donuts safe to eat and of the freshest taste. The system requires no electricity and is really simple and safe to use.

Unlike other oil filters, our system does not require daily/weekly filter replacements, saving you upwards of £200 a year. Our filter has a guaranteed life of three years filtering. The large area filter has a maximum working temperature 230ºc (446ºf) and only requires a rinse in our powerful Cleaning Solution Number 1 twice a month to keep it as operational & clean as it is new.


Here's just a few reasons why it's important to filter your oil regularly in a very fine filter:

  • Seriously better tasting donuts that are free of carbonised (burned) donut waste
  • Heavily reduced frying oil costs - your oil will last twice as long    
  • No unsightly pieces of burnt donut waste that have carbonised and fallen to the bottom of the frying oil reservoir
  • Your machine will be easier to clean & maintain, saving you time & extending the life of your machine
  • The donut machine electrical heaters, thermostats, and conveyors will all have an extended life when they are free of unfiltered burnt on frying oil

Cooking Oil Filtration System - 50 Litre

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