This digital weighing machine does everything that you need for making donuts.


Weighting your donut mix makes a lot of sense, it saves money in mix and means that the donuts will be perfect.


Knowing how much donut mix and ingredients you use also means you are controlling your costs.

Some donut operators not only sell by the number of donuts, but also by the weight making sure that the customers get what they pay for.


From weighting the ingredients in the same bucket (just reset to zero after each ingredient has been added) to checking the weight of your finished fried donuts.

Here is what you get:

- A removable / washable large stainless steel weigh plate and bright red LED display are features normally only found on machines which are much more expensive.

- Internal rechargeable battery giving 160 hours use makes the machine totally portable or can be also mains powered via the adaptor supplied.

- Simple two button keyboard - on / off / zero and tare / units. The machine can display in kgs, grams, ounces, pounds and ounces and decimal pounds.


Capacity: 15kg x 2g

Display size: 17mm high red LED

245mm x 215mm stainless steel top plate

Digital Weighing Machine

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