This specially made cold donut batter transporter allows a mobile donut operator to prepare their Long Life Donut Mix into a batter at home, and then transport it to the venue keeping it cold & fresh for many hours.


It can be supplied as a complete Cold Transport System or as separate parts to best suit your requirements.


Here is your selection:

1) Isothermal Cold Container, 30mm walls, 42.8 litre internal, with sealing lid. External 610mm x 430 x 295mm high.

2) Insert spacer to accept the eutectic plate.

3) The eutectic plate. This large plate 530mm x 325mm x 30mm is cooled to -21C in your freezer. This eutectic plate will keep the contents cold for many hours.

For heavy duty use i.e. higher temperatures or longer cold storage, the Isothermal Cold Container can hold two of the large eutectic plate to keep the internal temperatures colder for longer. This is only with the GN 150mm and the 1.9 litre containers.

4) The complete Cold Transport System consists of one of each of 1, 2, and 3, above.


The above cold transport system can be reversed into a Hot Transport System with the use of different eutectic plates. Please ask for more details.

Donut Batter Transport System (Cold)