Some of our clients use donuts as a part of a much bigger menu of items for their customers, and as a result they do not need the volume (or the cost) of our more professional set ups. Some have donut fryers themselves and just need the tools to make the donuts with their current fryer, and some have everything but the fryer.


This is why we stock our incredibly robust and easy-to-use manual donut fryer, the DS-4 and manual hand depositors, for placing the donut batter into the donut fryer at the desired shape. You still have all the control of the other options above, but at a greatly lowered cost. The best part? We sell the fryer and depositor separately, so whether you are looking to incorporate donuts into your business from scratch or you are just looking to upgrade your current setup to more robust equipment, Donut Square are the people for you. 

DS-4 Electric Manual Donut Machine