*Please note: All manual donut machines come free with this donut batter depositor, purchase not neccessary when buying a donut square manual machine*


The Donut Batter Hand Depositor Professional DS1000-70 can be used with any donut fryer gas or electric.


  • The donut batter depositor is an incredibly important part of making tasty, well formed donuts.
  • Operation of the DS1000-70 manual donut batter depositor is simple; first, fill with 2kg of donut batter. With one long press of the two sided handle, the donut batter depositor will release the correct amount of batter with the correct shape to make the perfect donut. ​
  • ​​​​The DS1000-70 donut batter depositor is manufactured from food grade metal for hygiene and easy cleaning. The design makes it perfect for any one person donut operation.

DS1000-70 Donut Batter Hand Depositor

SKU: DS1000-70
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