The DS400-g Gas Manual Donut Machine is the perfect solution for a mobile donut making operation and where there is no/low power available. This system makes 400 to 450, large 60g (70mm) donuts per hour. The weight of the donuts can be adjusted easily.


This price includes the DS400-g Gas Donut Fryer complete with a lower baffle plate, full size donut frying basket x 2, stainless steel cover, frying oil valve drainer, DS1000-70 donut batter manual depositor, and a full two year guarantee.



a) Optional batter depositor, stainless steel stand £28.76 plus VAT. 

b) Optional ball donut mould £38.37 plus VAT. The ball donut tool will make four small ball donuts at a time instead of one ring donut. The size of the ball donuts can be changed using the adjuster, but maximum 10 grams each for fast and easy frying.

The DS400-g Gas Professional Entry Level Manual Donut Making System represents incredibly good value and is the best built professional manual donut making system available anywhere, world-wide.

Here are a few reasons why:



  • This, 24/7 working ability, LPG (bottled gas) powered manual donut fryer is of professional commercial quality. The donut fryer is made from stainless steel and is large enough to make 15 - 20, large 60 gram and 70mm in diameter donuts, at one time. The production is 400 to 450 large donuts per hour. 
  • The donut fryer is light to carry, transport, easily to clean and comes complete with a baffle plate, full size donut frying basket x 2, stainless steel cover, donut frying oil drainer, and a full two year guarantee.
  • When you need to filter or change the frying oil you just open the tap and out will flow the frying oil for filtering or change.
  • The great advantage with the DS400-g Manual Doughnut Making System is the higher frying oil capacity and all resulting in a higher production of donuts per hour.
  • Full training is available, contact us for details:



  • The donut batter depositor is an incredibly important part of making tasty, well formed donuts.
  • Operation of the DS1000-70 manual donut batter depositor is simple; first, fill with 2kg of donut batter. With one long press of the two sided handle, the donut batter depositor will release the correct amount of batter with the correct shape to make the perfect donut. ​​​​​
  • The DS1000-70 donut batter depositor is manufactured from food grade metal for hygiene and easy cleaning. The design makes it perfect for any one person donut operation.

DS400-G Gas Manual Donut Machine