The DS600-90 includes a hopper that will produce the perfect 90mm (40g) donut.


The most popular of our machines, the DS600 automatic models are designed for high-volume, high-quality donuts with the control you need to make donuts exactly how you believe a donut should be. You have complete control over the size of the donuts (from small ball shaped donuts to much larger ring-shaped donuts) as well as the level of crispiness of your donut batter. This unparalleled level of control as well as the safety of the machine’s design have resulted in a machine making setup that is widely used by so many in the donut industry.


With a maximum output of over 1100+ donuts an hour, it is no wonder that our clients have nicknamed our machines as “The Queue-Busters”. 


Every machine comes with a single 25kg sack of our Long Life Donut Mix free-of-charge!

DS600-90 Donut Making Machine

SKU: DS600-90