Naturally, hot frying oil & donut machinery produce small amounts of fumes that pose a risk especially to those with breathing difficulties. 


Our Recirculating Fume Filtration System captures the frying oil fumes from the donut machine and then filters out all fumes before returning the filtered air to the atmosphere. This fume filtration system allows you to have a donut making operation in an enclosed area, such as in a shopping mall or other area where there is no external venting possible.


Here's a few reasons why our filtration system is so effective:

  • The fume filtration unit can be fitted to a Donut Square mobile donut cart or easily suspended from a ceiling
  • The run quiet, electric motor unit has a gross filtration rate of 800 cube metres per hour making it the most powerful unit available for it's size
  • No need to change the filters - simply clean them to return the system to new - estimated £700 saving!


The system works by capturing the ascending frying fumes into the large 1900mm long x 700mm wide stainless steel canopy:

  • The First Stage: The fumes are drawn into the four stainless steel condensing pre-filters. In this section some of the fumes will convert into liquid form and be captured in the pre-filtering section.
  • The Second Stage: The fumes now flow into the three large area particle filters where more than 80% of the fumes are captured
  • The Third Stage: During the third stage of the filtration process the fumes are drawn into two large resin filters that remove the frying oil odour
  • The Forth Stage: The filtered air is now returned to the atmosphere


The Fume Filtration Recirculation System allows you to make donuts in enclosed areas without fume/odour complaints from retailers or visitors.

Recirculating Fume Filtration System 1900

SKU: RFFS_1900