This 100% stainless steel mobile donut cart allows to take your donut operation to different locations.

The Donut Square Mobile Donut Cart is a high specification, robust & sturdy design - all for an incredibly competitive price.

Here are a few reasons why this cart is perfect for mobile donut operations:

  • It allows you to enter the donut world of shopping malls, football stadiums, railway stations, airports, etc where the number of hungry people are measured in thousands per hour and a hundred thousand plus people per day. It allows you to do all this without the high cost of a bricks and mortar outlet that stays in only one fixed place.
  • With the Donut Square Deluxe Mobile Cart you move to where the people are with ease & reliability to support you.
  • This mobile cart set up includes all of the features that are required for a safe and profitable donut operation working inside in an open shopping mall or outside in the open air.


This is what is included with the Donut Square Deluxe Mobile Cart; Full size 1,900mm x 700mm x 2,000mm. Serving area 900mm high.

  • Full size 1,800mm x 700mm x 900mm high.
  • Safety glass on three sides.
  • This cart is divided into two sides. The right side has a stainless steel shelf (this shelf can also hold the Donut Square 50 litre frying oil filter) and two lockable doors. The left side has an open area for the storage of donut mix etc.
  • The top has been built around our DS1200 and DS600 donut machines. There is a built in cable port and frying oil waste exit. As well as the DS1200 or DS600 donut machines this cart can also be used with a smaller gas or electric manual donut machines. Contact us for details.
  • The cart is supplied with four wheels and brakes on two.
  • The three stainless steel sides of the cart are perfect for placing your logos and company branding.

Standard Mobile Donut Cart

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